Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is most essential in all the places we live and we work. Hence, housekeeping is an on-going and never ending job and will only happen if you have a detailed schedule of the tasks that need to be done hourly, each shift, each day, each week and each month and that they are assigned to specific staff to complete. In addition, every staff member has to understand the importance of maintaining these high standards each and every day.
Our cleaning programs are well defined as per premises and client requirements, which enable you to receive customized schedule of cleaning based on your priorities and budgets.


Our housekeeping staff manages the basic cleaning tasks in an apartment society. They clean the common areas of an apartment and perform wide range of tasks. Common area in an apartment includes lobbies, corridors, stairways, parking lots, sports, ramps, roof of a building, elevators, washrooms in lobby areas, driveways, clubhouse & store rooms.


Hygienic workplace breeds energetic workforce. Every employee would like to maintain a spick and span atmosphere in his firm. To cater this need, we have a wing which extends cleaning services to all types of establishment.
Flexible cleaning schedules will be furnished to accommodate customer work timings. We provide,

All the cleaning works are done without any interruptions or inconvenience caused to the Customers/Visitors/Guests.


Our housekeeping staff will be supervised on a regular basis and ensure that they meet the cleanliness standards and guidelines. The supervision team would provide all the cleaning supplies and ensure that the house keeping staff is regular.